Cookies Policy


Cookies are small files that contain information about the user’s browsing activity. When you visit a website, a cookie is sent to your device and this cookie is automatically stored in a file within your web browser.

When you revisit the website, the cookie remembers your preferences and with this information we are able to personalize and enhance your browsing experience.

As per law, it is mandatory to have a Cookie Policy which has to be posted on your website, informing the user that you use cookies.  You must ask for consent from the user before loading the cookie on to their device.  Provision should also be made for the user to opt out of cookies even after the consent has been given earlier. However, deleting or blocking cookies may reduce functionality of the site.

It is also important to let the user know how you are going to use the cookie.  The purpose of this is to let your user know exactly what is happening with the information gathered, so that they can decide whether they want to allow the website to store cookies on the device or not.  We use cookies to personalize your experience and allow you to use many of our useful features.  For example we use cookies to remember your preferences during your earlier visits and your shopping pattern so that we could make your shopping experience better.

In some cases where you have logged into our website through the social networking media like Facebook, Twitter etc., we may receive information about the user that is available with them.  These could include Birthdays, List of friends etc. And we may on our part use this information to reach more people whom the user knows.  We may add this data to the information that we have already gathered, to help us develop our business.  In such cases the user is subject to the Cookie Policy of these social media networking sites to which they have agreed to.  We have no control over the cookies by other third parties.  You have to check the website of such third parties to know more about them.