FAQ’s are a source of comfort to the Online shopper because it enables him to come out the confusions that online shopping tends to create in the minds of shoppers. People browse the net for online shopping with a lot of trepidation and it is only a well written commonly used questions and answers that will help them to make a choice with confidence. The FAQ’s highlighted here will take the reader through topics like Shipping and delivery, Payment process, Privacy and Security and queries regarding the Products.

Shipping and Delivery

1. How long does it take for the goods to be delivered?+
2. If there is a delay in receiving the items, what should I do?+
3. How much do I have to pay as delivery charges?+
4. Can I cancel the order before the shipment has been made?+
5. Do you have a Return Policy?+


1. How can I make my payments?+
2. Can I pay by cash on delivery?+
3. How safe are my Payments through Debit/credit cards?+
4. In the event of a transaction failing, what should I do?+
5. Do your prices include Taxes?+
6. Is there any customer Discount available?+

Privacy and Security

1. Does manirajfurniture.com store my account information?+

Product Queries

1. If I want to change my mattress how do I return it?+
2. How do I clean my mattresses?+
3. What size mattress do I need?+
4. What should I do if the product is out-of stock?+
5. Is there any reward voucher options available?+