Furniture Exchange

Bored with Old Furniture?

Exchange your old stuffs, Get a trendy furniture from us!!

Furniture exchange offer on Maniraj Furniture allows you to exchange your old products with exciting prices on the same category.

If you like to purchase with exchange offer, kindly share basic information about the product to obtain discounts on the new product. Our representative will inspect the product condition and assign for pick up. Also, you can share photos of the products which you would like to exchange by contacting our customer care.

Eligible criteria for Furniture exchange

1)The following categories of furniture are applicable

  • Mattress: we accept all kind of mattress, it can also include kids’ mattress and hospital beds as well
  • Sofas: any type of couch
  • Dining Sets: Dining sets. Dining tables and chairs may be dealt separately.
  • Tables: Coffee tables, side tables, study tables, console tables, dressing tables
  • Storage Cabinets: Wardrobes, Bookshelves, Drawers, Bar Cabinets, TV Units
  • Chairs: Stools, Benches, Lounge Chairs, etc.
  • Office: Chairs, Tables, etc.
  • Note: Chinese Imported furniture, wall mounts and Bean Bags will not be accepted

    2) Rather than the aforementioned products will not be accepted for exchange offer. The consumer may be requested to share the picture with the exchange partners for further clarification.

    3) We have the rights to reject your stuffs on checkup stage.

    Under this exchange Program, the consumer will have an option to sell their old products (if the product is listed in the eligibility criteria). The representative will inspect your product and will schedule the pickup from the customer’s location.

    Once your item has shipped, our representative provides the discount vouchers based on the resell value. You can use the voucher while purchasing the new product from us.

    Common Question about our Furniture exchange offer

    How do I use my discount voucher?

    Once you’re done with selecting the product, simply you can use this coupon while making the payment. The coupon amount will be reduced from the actual amount that you need to pay.

    What is the validity of the voucher?

    The discount voucher is valid for one year from the date you received.

    Can I return my voucher for cash?

    No, you cannot return vouchers for cash or credit, this coupon is available valid only purchasing the new product from us.